Sitka Spruce Natural Single Piece wood Cutting Board Made in USA

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Sitka Spruce Natural Single Piece wood Cutting Board Made in USA

493mmX303mmX50mm (19 1/2 inch X 12 inch X 2 inch)

7lb. (3178g)

According to Professor Takako Okamura research, she tried to cut off Daikon Radish on the air (without cutting board) and she also tried to cut off Daikon Radish on the cutting board with sharpened cooking knife with the both tests. The research shows 10000 times cutting off on the air and 400 times cutting off on the cutting board as the same amount worn on the blade edge, so the 60 % of the knife edge wear comes from hitting cutting board instead of cutting off Daikon Radish, even though Daikon Radish is not soft and easy ingredient to cut. That is why we should have nice soft cutting board, but it is not just soft elasticity is important something like bouncing back.

If we imagine that cooking knife is engine or power source or the device giving power, the cutting board is shock absorber or tire or power received device. If we have high performance shock absorber or tires, the car runs faster and shows much better performance. If there is just cooking knife without cutting board to cut ingredients, we can still cut the ingredients, but it does not work well all the time. We need a cutting board to make cooking knife work better and useful.

Many of us spend hundreds or thousands dollars for cooking knives and whetstones to have high quality sharp edge knives. How about cutting board? As I mentioned, it is 60% of retention of sharp edge. Another important thing, plastic cutting board is good, but they worn the surface of the plastic cutting board, and it means the plastic goes in the foods little by little. Do we consider of cutting board as well?

Sitka Spruce grows in USA and Canada and Alaska. Sitka spruce is used in musical instruments such as, piano, harp, violin, and guitar. Sitka spruce is not too hard like maple, but not too soft. It has durability and it is kind of light weight wood, but condensed wood grain (The wood is not too hard and not too soft. It has one of the best hardness for cooking knife avoiding wear the blade edge fast). It has very light smell transferring from the wood smell to ingredients.

As it is used in many music instruments, it makes sound excellent. When we cut the ingredients, we are able to hear comfortable sound every time hitting the cutting board. It makes us feel good the sound like our mother or grandmother making breakfast or dinner in the kitchen. Please make a wet the cutting board before using it. It prevents ingredients smell getting in the cutting board as saturated with water. Plastic cutting board are getting better and better quality, however it is still plastic, and it is shaving or wear little by little, and it gets in ingredients or foods. We have to eat plastic little by little. Natural wood cutting board is from plant without any chemical treatment, so it is no problem to have our digestive system. It is kind of hard to find 12 inch wide 2 inch thick spruce, but as my special order, I have got 35 feet long from local lumber company, it cannot be wider than 12 inch, but I can make longer cutting board as your special request.