Kanto Okura Gas Anti-corrosive Polyethylene Bags

Item: taiyo-ekika-gas-antirust-polyethylene-bags-320mmx230mm-53202305
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Kanto Okura Gas Anti-corrosive Polyethylene Bags

320mmX230mmX100micron (5 pieces)

This plastic bag is mixed with gasify antirust ingredient when it was made. This bag works for steel material such as high carbon blade knife, razor, and any other steel products or iron as long as it can fit in the bag size. Please make sure when your iron or steel product is not wet or dirty, and use it as room temperature. Please close the bag when steel product is in it. Using gloves make the result better.

Size: 230mmX320mm (12 1/4 inch x 9 inch) come with 5 pieces Thickness: 100 micron