Takami Higo no Kami 87mm White I /1280 layers Pocket knife

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Takami Higo no Kami 87mm White I steel /1280 layers Damascus blade Pocket Knife

Higo no Kami is Japanese style holding knife, and it might be started to make it little before 1900. It was used for shaving pencil every single elementary student before middle of 1950ís. I had it when I was elementary student too. It is simple structure, and inexpensive and it is affordable price for kids. Probably, it was about $2 at the time (40 years ago), so it should be $20 now. Anyway, it is a great utility knife to keep in the pocket.

This one is much more stable structure and higher grade steel and soft iron made by one by one traditional forging processes. It is made by reliable blacksmith, Mr. Amano from Takami Tanzo. He made the 1280 layers of soft iron Damascus himself, and laminated the soft iron and steel (sanmai uchi), and he made the handle from copper.

The blade length: 87mm ( 3 3/8 inch) The total length of the knife (opened): 213mm (8 3/8 inch) The thickest part of the spine: 2.5mm (1/8 inch) The total weight of the knife: 3.4oz. The width of the blade: 16mm (5/8 inch)