TESSHU Chinese Cleaver NO.7 220mm VG10 steel Hawaiian Koa

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About This Item

TESSHU Chinese Cleaver NO.7 220mm VG10 steel Sanmai blade with Custom made Octagonal shaped curly Hawaiian Koa Handle w/ Hawaiian Koa Sheath

TESSHU is our knife brand name, and this blade was made by Mr. Shiraki factory in February, 2017. It is the last one of two pieces left. I could sell it easily, but I had no idea how to make Japanese handle for Japanese tang Chinese cleaver before, so I just have kept in stock for three years. It should be forged by Mr. Shiraki. I communicated how to construct the Chinese cleavers with Mr. Shiraki at the time. I asked to him to make full tang Chinese cleaver, but all he does is Japanese style tang, so I accepted his offer(Chinese cleaver with Japanese tang). It is forged Chinese cleaver, and the tang is just like Japanese single bevel blade, and I made a hole like Mekugi, and install the brass pin (it does not come off, because it is glued to make it stronger the handle construction).

Please click here to see the blacksmith of Tesshu

After the processes that video shows, there are many more processes like annealing, and cutting off extra amounts of the blade, or sanding to the knife shape, and heat processes like quenching and tempering. His forging speed is super fast that is very important skill to have great cutlery at Hizukuri (forging process). It makes the particles of the steel structure rougher and loosing carbon with heating up many times during forging process. Mr. Kenichi Shiraki is very skillful blacksmith, and he makes before sharpening processes, and Mr. Kazumi Kawakita who is also very skillful sharpening specialist sharpens the blade.

Blade Length; 8 5/8 inch (220mm) The width of the blade: tip side; 4 inch (100mm) heel side; 4 1/8 inch (105mm) Handle Length; 4 1/2 inch (114mm) Total Length; 13 1/4 inch (337mm) Knife weight is 1lb. 8.2oz. (683.6g) The heel part of the spine width is 3.8mm (1/8 inch) wide. Handle; custom octagonal irregular shaped curly Hawaiian Koa resin ferrule BLADE; sanmai-uchi VG10 steel Blade (VG10 core steel cladding stainless soft iron)