TESSHU Higo no Kami 57mm SLD blade Pocket Knife Kuro Gaki

Item: TESSHU-Higo-no-Kami-57mm-SLD-blade-Pocket-Knife-Kuro-Ga58
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TESSHU Higo no Kami 57mm SLD blade Pocket Knife Kuro Gaki (Japanese persimmon) handle w/ leather sheath

Higo no Kami is Japanese style holding knife, and it might be started to make it little before 1900. It was used for shaving pencil every single elementary students before middle of 1950ís. I had it when I was elementary student too. It is simple structure, and inexpensive and it is affordable price for kids. Probably, it was about $2 at the time (40 years ago), so it should be $20 now. Anyway, it is a great utility knife to keep in the pocket.

It is made by reliable knife maker, Mr. Koto, and he is very often featured in Japanese knife magazines, and he is already very busy to sell his knives in Japan. If I open up his information, more retail shops might start on asking him to make knives from overseas. He is already too busy to make more productions, so I do not mention any information about the knife maker, but his production is very reliable, and my knife brand name Tesshu is on the blade.

It is single steel blade, and it is high quality stainless steel (high carbon) SLD. Hitachi Steel Co. SLD stainless steel (C; 1.4-1.6%, Cr.; 11-13%, and others) The handle is made of Kuro Gaki which is Japanese persimmon. It is very rare to get the black portion that is able to get old age core portion, but it is very unusual.

That is why it is used high end furniture or wood crafts in Japan. One of the oldest item is still existed what it is 1500 years old. Those Kuro Gaki products are not familiar with common people. It was used high society for hundreds years. It is not expensive knife, but it is used high end material which is SLD blade and Kuro Gaki handle. The sheath is also genuine leather.

The blade length: 57mm (2 1/2 inch) The total length of the knife (opened): 145mm (5 3/4 inch) The thickest part of the spine: 2mm (1/16 inch) The total weight of the knife: 0.3oz. The width of the handle: 8mm (1/2 inch)