TESSHU Mizu Honyaki Wa Gyuto 270mm White II Steel Chef Knife

Item: TESSHU-Mizu-Honyaki-Wa-Gyuto-270mm-White-II-Steel-Chef-Kn271
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TESSHU Mizu Honyaki Wa Gyuto 270mm White II steel Semi-Mirror Finished blade Chef Knife Octagonal shaped water buffalo /ebony handle / white line with an original hard case

TESSHU is our Japanese cooking knife brand name which is made by selected very skillful craftsmen in Sakai, Osaka.

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After the processes that video shows, there are many more processes like annealing , and cutting off extra amounts of the shape of the blade, or sanding to the knife shape, and heat processes like quenching and tempering. His forging speed is super fast that is very important skill to have great cutlery at Hizukuri (forging process). It makes the particles of the steel structure rougher with heating up many times during forging process. Mr. Kenichi Shiraki is very skillful blacksmith, and he makes before sharpening processes, and Mr. Kazumi Kawakita who is also very skillful sharpening specialist sharpens the blade.

We will try to provide high quality selected knives with reasonable prices.

The hard case has special feature to hold the blade. The blade is not moved by pressure from the both side of the sponge pad.

The logic of the case is like; If we put on a blade in the middle of a telephone book, and binding it, the blade does not move from the pressure by the both side of the phone book pages. Or we see sometimes martial art master without a sword fights against an opponent with sword, he binds the sword blade with hands, and twist the sword, and taking it away from the opponent hands. I have tried to make cooking hard case for over 7 years, and it is very hard to get great idea to make the cooking knife hard case for years, because it must be friendly and easy on the blade edge (no damage on the edge), of course, safety to carrying the case is always the first priority, and universal size, and not too expensive the cost (possible to make it), and good looking, and more. All things comes in one case is very hard, and I had got this idea a year ago, and I tried to make proto type with my father who makes case or bag for his entire life (he has owned a small case making company for over 60 years in Japan) many times, and finally, my father made realistic new type (I guess) of the cooking knife hard case. Of course, the knife does not move in the case even shaking the case very hard.

Blade Length (from the tip to Machi); 10 1/2 inch (270mm) Handle Length; 5 1/2 inch (141mm) Total Length; 16 1/2 inch (420mm) Knife weight is 7.0oz. The heel part of the spine width is 3mm (1/8 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 47mm (1 7/8inch) Handle; octagonal shaped water buffalo horn bolster / ebony body / white line BLADE; Mizu Honyaki White II Steel Blade (semi-mirror finish, ripple lines on the both sides)