TESSHU Petty Knife 150mm VG-10 stainless steel blade with Snakewood

Item: tesshu-petty-knife-150mm-vg10-stainless-steel-blade-with-snak15010
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TESSHU Petty Knife 150mm VG-10 stainless steel blade with Snakewood Handle

VG-10 steel is high carbon stainless steel made by Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd.

C: 0.95-1.05% Si: 0.35% Mn: 0.3-0.5% P: 0.03% S: 0.03% Cr: 14.5-15.5% Mo: 0.8-1.2% V: 0.25-0.35 Ni: 0.25-0.35 Co: 1.3-1.8% Cu: 1.3-1.8%

It is normally seen as above molybdenum steel blade knife for high quality stainless steel family kitchen knife and professional class knife.

TESSHU is our Japanese cooking knife brand name which is made by selected very skillful craftsmen in Sanjyo, Niigata.

It is western style handle on it, but it is used Sanmai-uchi which is soft iron (stainless) cladding on the core steel (VG-10), so it is able to bring up higher HRC compared with mono steel blade. Handle is made by Snakewood that I made it one by one. We will try to provide high quality selected knives with reasonable prices.

Blade Length from the tip to the heel; 5 7/8inch (150mm) Handle Length; 3 7/8 inch (98mm) Total Length; 10 1/4 inch (258mm) Knife weight is 2.1oz. The heel part of the spine width is 1.5mm (1/16 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 28mm HANDLE; solid Snakewood with stainless metal ferrule BLADE; stainless cladding on the core steel (VG-10)