TESSHU Sujihiki 240mm stainless steel blade Slicer knife

Item: tesshu-sujihiki-240mm-stainless-steel-blade-slicer-kn2401
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TESSHU Sujihiki 240mm Chrome Molybdenum stainless steel blade knife w/ metal bolster

TESSHU is our Japanese cooking knife brand name which is made by selected very skillful craftsmen in Japan.

We will try to provide high quality selected knives with reasonable prices. I have sharpened thousands pieces of my customers knives at our store. The Madam Ts knives are very popular in Hawaii for decades, and I have sharpened hundreds of them, and they always get back very sharp edge, even though they were beat-up looking. The definition of great knife is the edge is sharp, retaining the sharp edge longer, and easy to sharpen. Those three things have in contradiction, so it is hard to get three of them in one knife. Madam Ts knives have at least easy to sharpen and the edge is sharp for sure, so they get two points in three points. In the price range knives, it is hard to get two points. That is why I really like Madam Ts knives in the price range. It is fun to use the knife which is easy to sharpen, and the edge is sharp and sharpening it again.

Blade Length (from the tip to the heel); 9 1/2inch (240mm) Handle Length; 4 1/2 inch (115mm) Total Length; 14 3/8 inch (365mm) Knife weight; 5.5oz. The heel part of the spine width is 2mm (1/16 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 38mm HANDLE; compressed layers wood BLADE; Chrome Molybdenum