Tesshu Wa Gyuto 240mm White II Steel w/ custom burl maple handle

Item: tesshu-wa-gyuto-240mm-white-ii-steel-w-custom-burl-maple-han240
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Tesshu Wa Gyuto 240mm White II Steel / SUS410 Nashiji Sanmai-Uchi blade Japanese Chef Knife With Custom Octagonal Shaped Burl Maple handle forged by Mr. Toshihiro Wakui

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The blacksmith, Mr. Toshihiro Wakui is third generations of Wakui Prybar Cutlery Co. He had worked on Wakui Prybar Cutlery Co at day time, and had worked to Yoshikane at night time for four years to learn how to make cooking knives. He looks a quiet man, but he has enthusiasm for cutlery making. Mr. Yoshida who had been owner of Yoshikane helps him to make his knives.


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This blade is thick on the spine (tapered spine) that works for cutting or split into the ingredient like an ax, and the tip side becomes thinner on the spine, and the thin tip makes easier to slice into the ingredient. To slice into the ingredient from the tip side to the heel side makes easier to slice and come off the ingredient without stuck on the blade. It is an ideal shape of the slicing kitchen knife. It is also wide blade on the heel side.

Hagane(steel): Hitachi white II steel (C; 1.0-1.1%, Si.; 0.10-0.20%, Mn; 0.20-0.30, P; less than 0.025, S; less than 0.004) Jigane (cladding iron): SUS410 stainless steel (Nashiji , looking like pear skin pattern) Blade Length; 9 1/2 inch (240mm) from the tip to the heel Handle Length; 5 1/2 inch (140mm) Total Length; 15 5/8 inch (396mm) Knife weight: 8.2oz. Spine width nearby the heel is 4mm (3/16 inch) wide. Spine width near by the tip from 1inch is 2mm ( 1/16inch) The width from the heel to the spine: 50mm (2 inch) HANDLE; custom octagonal shaped burl maple with resin bolster