Tesshu Wa Gyuto Abura Honyaki 240mm Blue I Steel Japanese Chef Knife

Item: tesshu-wa-gyuto-abura-honyaki-240mm-blue-i-steel--japanese-chef-kn240
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About This Item

Tesshu Wa Gyuto Abura Honyaki 240mm Blue I Steel blackish finish blade Japanese Chef Knife w/ Octagonal shaped Ho and Water Buffalo Ferrule Handle

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It is made by Takagi Kogyosho where is located on Yoita, Niigata in Japan. The stamp is our brand name Tesshu. It is oil quench blue I steel honyaki, so the blade does not used soft iron. It is just mono steel forged blade. Blade Length; 9 1/2 inch (240mm) from the tip from the heel Handle Length; 5 9/16 inch (143mm) Total Length; 15 7/16 inch (393mm) Knife weight: 7.1oz. The heel part of the spine width is 2mm (1/16inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 48mm (1 7/8 inch) Handle; octagonal shaped Ho (Japanese Magnolia) and water buffalo ferrule