Tesshu Wa Gyuto Damascus 240mm ZA18 stee Cherry Handle [out of stock]

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About This Item

Tesshu Wa Gyuto Damascus 240mm ZA18 steel blade Japanese Chef Knife w/ octagonal shaped American Cherry Handle

ZA18 steel is a new type of the steel. We have not got the detail information of the steel, but it is cobalt stainless steel, and it is aimed at making better quality than VG10 steel.

It is made by Goko Hamono where is located on Kashiwa, Chiba in Japan.

C; 0.95-1.2%, Si; less than 1.0, Mn; less than 1.0, P; less than 0.04, S; less than 0.04, Ni; less than 0.60, Cr; 17.0-18.0%, Mo; 1.00-1.50, V; 0.10-0.25, Co; 1.80%

Blade Length; 9 1/2 inch (240mm) from the heel to the spine Handle Length; 5 5/8 inch (135mm) Total Length; 15 1/2inch (395mm) Knife weight: 6oz. The heel part of the spine width is 1.5mm (1/8inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 50mm (2 inch) Soft iron; 34 layers of Damascus clad Steel; Cobalt stainless steel (18% Chrome) Handle; custom octagonal shaped American cherry w/ resin ferrule