TEUCHI (hand forged) 73mm Hitachi Yasuki Blade Razor

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TEUCHI (hand forged) 73mm Hitachi Yasuki Blade Razor

The razor has just 18mm width of the blade (the normal straight razor has 20mm in most of the time), but it looks what it does not look like worn 2mm. It looks more like slightly used or never been used. It looks it might be designed with 18mm width of the blade.

The one side of shank has letters Teuchi that means hand forged in Japanese, and the other side has also the letters Hitachi Yasuki-ko . Ko means steel. I guess that it might be pure high carbon steel. It does not have any brand name on it, so Teuchi might bes the brand name or the series of the razor name. It looks high quality professional barber straight razor at the time. It might be at least 30 to 40 years old. The blade length: 73mm (2 7/8 inch) The total length of the razor when it opened: 240mm (9 1/4 inch) The shoulder width of the blade: 5mm (3/16inch) The width of the blade: 18mm (11/16 inch) The total weight of the razor: 1.5oz.