Used Shigehiro Takohiki 270mm high carbon steel Blade Knife

Item: used-shigehiro-takohiki-270mm-high-carbon-steel-blade-kn270
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Used Shigehiro Takohiki 270mm high carbon steel Blade Knife

Shigehiro is one of Aizu Shigefusa’s students. Wakabayashi Shigefusa (circa 1660) -------- Shigefusa (died in WWII)-Shigemasa-Shigeharu-Shigekatsu-Shigetsugu-SHIGEHIRO-Shigemitsu-Shigenao-Shigenori-Shigenobu ***those each brand names had been used generations, for example, Shigefusa had been 19 generations, Shigehiro had been 4 generations****

It had beat up handle, but it was damaged surface of the handle, and it still stick on well on the tang, so I used plastic wood to fix it to save the original handle. I am not sure what kind of the steel, but it should be higher grade pure carbon steel. It has engraved brand name, “Shigehiro”, and the stamp on the back side. The heel shape is very unique round shape, not square shape.

I already sharpened and removed rust as much as I could. It is ready to use it.

It should be a very old knife, and I hardly guess it in this time, but at least 40 to 50 years old.