Used TESSHU Meat Cleaver 210mm High Carbon Steel Blade Knife [out of stock]

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Used TESSHU Meat Cleaver 210mm High Carbon Steel Blade Knife

It was purchased one of our customers who has purchased lots of knives from our store, and he wanted to purchase something else, and he wanted to sell this knife for the down payment for the new knife he wanted, so I purchased it from him. It was very little used, and some stain and rust spots, so I tried to clean and sharpen it. It is heavy and thick enough to cut bones and frozen foods. It is high carbon steel (pure carbons steel), and it is full tang and three brass rivets which is strong handle. It has pure carbon steel, so easy to sharpen (the stainless steel cleaver normally harder to sharpen, plus the thick blade), but it is going to stain or rust, if we leave the blade wet after used it.

We had better to keep on drying or sometimes, we clean with kitchen cleanser to remove stain and rust.

TESSHU is our knife brand name, and this blade was made by one of knife companies in Seki, Gifu Japan. It is one piece from the blade to the tang, and it is also mono high carbon steel (pure carbon steel), and three pieces of brass pins holding on the handle which is strong handle construction.

Blade Length; 7 1/4 inch (210mm) The width of the blade: Tip side; 4 3/16inch (106mm) Heel side; 3 1/2 inch (92mm) Handle Length; 5 1/16 inch (129mm) Total Length; 13 5/16 inch (337mm) Knife weight is 1lb. 5oz. (594g) The heel part of the spine width is 4.5mm (3/16 inch) wide. Handle; probably, Oak handle with 3 pieces of brass pins BLADE; mono high carbon steel (pure carbon steel)