Various Mines Small Size Natural Sharpening Stone 100g

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About This Item

Various Mine Tomo Nagura or Small Size Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone approximately 98g 117.6g (3.5 -4.2oz.), 20mX20mmX100mm size, sharpening for small blade (selling one piece of the tomo nagura in the pictures)

All of them are same size and weight, so I put them up on one page. Again, it is one piece of the stone price, and it is not able to pick one of them. They were cut for sharpening small blade. They might be Shobu or some other natural fine grit stone mines that are derived from Kyoto. They are all fine grit natural stones for sure, but I am not sure what they are whether soft or hard. I also do not know whether they are very fine or not.