Vintage Aizu Shigenobu Single bevel 130mm blade knife

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Vintage Aizu Shigenobu Single bevel 130mm blade knife

It looks like a Ajikiri or small size single bevel gyuto. It is old knife and the Shigenobu II past away around 1986, so it should be at least 34 years old, probably, it should be older than that, and I sharpened and cleaned up, and it is usable condition, but please understand what it sells as is condition. Aizu Shigefusa is told that contemporary Japanese cutleries origin or father, especially carpentry cutlery such as Japanese plane, chisel, kiridashi, etc. His disciples have “Shige on their trade name. However, Aizu Shigefusa family blacksmiths were gone around 1986. Shigenobu was one of the last Shigefusa family blacksmiths. Father is the first Shigenobu and his son in law was the second Shigenobu, and they past away almost same time. Shigenobu left his art works lots of variety cutleries. I have seen Japanese plane, Yanagiba, Deba, and some other cutleries too.

Shigefusa Family Tree (not from one family):

Wakabayashi Shigefusa (circa 1660) -------- Shigefusa (died in WWII)-Shigemasa-Shigeharu-Shigekatsu-Shigetsugu-Shigehiro-Shigemitsu-Shigenao-Shigenori-SHIGENOBU

Blade Length; 5 1/8inch (130mm) from the tip to the heel Handle Length; 4 1/2 inch (110mm) Total Length; 9 7/8 inch (250mm) Knife weight is 2.7oz. Spine width near by the heel is 3mm (1/8 inch) wide. Width from the heel to the spine: 32mm (1 5/16 inch) HANDLE; Magnolia with metal bolster BLADE; it looks carbon steel edge and kasumi single bevel blade