Vintage Chiyojirushi Kamisori 48mm Tamahagane Straight Razor

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About This Item

Vintage Chiyojirushi Tokyu (high-grade) Kamisori 48mm Tamahagane blade Japanese Straight Razor

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It had been missing for about 8 years in my inventory room. Recently, I moved my inventory from the inventory room, so I found it. I had known that I lost this razor, but I could not find it for many years. I have a couple pieces more the same kamisori with original cases and this one is the last one I have. I do not have original case with this piece. I just tried to set bevel with medium grit. I will make it ready to shave before shipped it out. The original paper cases that described what it is Chiyojirushi and Tamahagane blade. The blade does have Chiyo in Chinese characters, but it does not mention Tamahagane, but the kamisori is exactly the same as the ones with cases, so it should be Tamahagane blade. Some Chinese characters are not able to read anymore. However, it is my guess, so please judge it by your knowledge and eyes.

This one is still in excellent shape, and it looks it just sharpened little bit.

The total length of razor: 5 7/8 inch (150mm) The weight of razor is 0.8oz. The width of spine side of the heel: 4mm (3/16 inch) The width form the point to shoulder is: 18mm (10/16 inch) The width from the heel to shoulder : 15mm (9/16 inch)