Vintage Glestain Santoku 180mm Stainless Steel metal bolster Knife

Item: vintage-glestain-santoku-180mm-stainless-steel-metal-bolster-kn180
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Vintage Glestain Santoku 180mm Stainless Steel blade metal bolster Knife

We have got Glestain Santoku from one collector in Hawaii. He got it from swap meet long time ago, he cannot even remember when he got it. No wonder why he cannot remember that he has collected lots of knives from 1970. It looks it has used little bit, and the original shape is intact. I have never cleaned or sharpened it yet, and I will sharpen it before shipped it. It should be very old knife and it might be more than 20 or 20+ years old (I really do not know the age of the knife, but it looks old one).