Vintage Iwasaki 58mm Swedish Steel Straight Razor Blade

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Vintage Iwasaki 58mm Swedish Steel Straight Razor Blade

These types of straight razors have lots of mystery to me. I have two pieces of Kamisori blade (single bevel) with straight razor body (with shank and tang) made by Iwasaki on this Kamisori page on the website. They have single bevel edge kamisori with western style scale. I have seen similar style like Hishakaku, etc., with the other straight razor brands. I have also seen the same style Iwasaki razors before, so it might not be someone just modifies the kamisori into the straight razor putting on the scale for personal use. Tang was curve just like normal straight razor, and it has real Iwasaki stamp. I had had those questions for many years, and I found the same style Kamisori straight razor (kamisori with shank and tang) at the display show window of Iwasaki factory in last year. Then I knew it. The style of the straight razor is made by Iwasaki, and at least, the blade is not modified by someone else.

This large size (58mm) Kamisori straight razor is one of them, and I have seen thousands of Iwasaki kamisori and razors, but I have no idea that I have seen the exactly same one before whether or not. Anway, it is rare piece for sure. It does not say about the steel, but it should be Swedish pure carbon steel. It looks what it has never been used. It has light rust portions here and there, so I have polished the razor little bit, and I will sharpen before shipped it out. It looks it is able to shave without scale, when I hold the blade, but it might be better to get a scale or handle.

The blade length: 58mm (2 5/16inch) The total length of the razor blade: 146mm (5 3/4 inch) The shoulder width of the blade: 5mm (3/16inch) The width of the blade: 22mm (7/8inch) The total weight of the razor: 1.0oz.