Wa Gyuto 240mm / Usuba 210mm Quince Handle

Item: wa-gyuto-240mm--usuba-210mm-quince-240210
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Wa Gyuto 240mm / Usuba 210mm Quince Octagonal shaped Handle with light color water buffalo ferrule It is from the same handle making company that makes so many of well-known Sakai made Japanese cooking knife handles and wood covers. It fits normal size of 240mm blade Wa Gyuto / Usuba 210mm, however all of forged knives are little bit different size each of Nakago, so if you are not familiar with how to install the handle, please ask it to install for professional installer. The hole is intentionally made little small, so we might need it little bigger when we install the knife.

The total length of the handle: 138mm (5 3/8 inch) The end part of diameter: 27mmX 23mm The top ferrule side of handle diameter: 25mmX22mm total weight of the handle: 2.3oz.