YOSHIHIDE Nushiya Bocho 150mm White II steel Blade Knife

Item: YOSHIHIDE-Nushiya-Bocho-150mm-White-II-steel-Blade-Kn151
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YOSHIHIDE Nushiya Bocho Hammered Finished 150mm White II steel Blade Knife for Japanese Lacquer Wood Craft

Nushiya Bocho is specialized knife for Japanese lacquer craft or painting. It has thick blade that does not flexible, and it is for cut the painting brush to straight or to make wooden spatula accurately. Long time ago in Japan, those Japanese lacquer craftsmen or painters carried on Nushiya bocho and whetstones, and they went to discipline journey.

Yoshihide is located at Sanjo, Niigata in Japan. Yoshihide is very reliable Kiridashi blacksmith who makes lots of variety Kiridashi.

The blade length: 150mm (5 7/8 inch) The total length of the knife: 307mm (12 1/16 inch) The thickest part of the spine: 4mm (3/16inch) The total weight of the knife (without wood cover): 5.7oz. The width of the blade (the blade edge to the spine): 23mm (15/16 inch)