YOSHIKANE Hankotsu Osaka Boning Knife Tamamoku 145mm Blue II Steel

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YOSHIKANE Hankotsu Osaka Style Boning Knife Tamamoku 145mm Blue II Steel blade with Charred Chest Nut Octagonal shaped handle and wood cover

This knife is the one of my customer's custom knife to Yoshikane. I placed the order three of them, so I sell two of the rest of them this time. They had taken for 6 months, but it looks great, so I am happy with it. I guess it is originally used for fillet chicken or deboning chicken or deboning meat. It does not have the heel, but it might be a great utility knife.

It is boning knife, so it is thicker than the same length petty knife.

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Yoshikane Cooking Knife is made by Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida (Yoshikane Cutlery Co.) who is the third generation of Cooking Knife blacksmith and two of his relatives (Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto and Mr. Masashi Yamamoto) in Sanjo, Nigata Japan. I think that Mr. Yamamotos are main craftsmen making Yoshikane knives from this year. They are little over 40 years old, and they have enough experiences for it. Yoshikane Cutlery Co. keeps on making their knives with authentic way, such as Sohizukuri, Hganetsuke, fine finishing, etc., therefore Yoshikane can make lots of variety of cutlery. Yoshikane Tamamoku Wood Pattern knife is an ideal knife that is harder to crock and easier to sharpen the blade, and the knife is very famous with super sharp edge and fine finish.

Tamamoku Wood Pattern (Birdfs eye wood pattern) style blade is made of so many times holding over Jigane and Hagane. To make regular Kasumi knife is to put together totally different feature soft iron and hard steel. Those soft iron and hard steel are different expansion and contraction, so it makes crook to flat concave Hagane side, hard steel side after many years. To make Tamamoku Wood Pattern is not for just good looking.

To put together those soft iron and hard steel, and holding on many layers is to make closer expansion and contraction steel to closer Hagane closer than Jigane itself. That makes less force to crook to the Hagane side. Honyaki knife has great retention of the sharp edge, but it has whole thing harder steel, so it is very hard to sharpen or taking more time to sharpen, but Tamamoku is half Jigane and half Hagane, so it is easier to sharpen the blade than Honyaki knife. New knife octagonal handle corners makes our palm soar until the corners became little bit wear to be rounded. That takes years. Charred chestnut octagonal shaped handle is great fit with our hands. The corners are already little bit rounded. I guess that it is charred, so it should be less absorbing water and stained than new octagonal shaped handle.

Blade Length; 5 3/4 inch (145mm) Handle Length; 5 inch (128mm) Total Length; 11 inch (278mm) Knife weight is 3.9oz. The heel part of the back width is 4.5mm (3/16h) wide.

HANDLE; Charred chestnut octagonal shaped handle with Water Buffalo horn bolster COVER; Magnolia

BLADE; Blue II steel Tamamoku Wood pattern: blue II steel and soft iron